When planning an event or function, there is always so much to think of. And, event facility and equipment are among the basic considerations that you must put forward to ensure better comfort and safety for all the guests. However, buying event facility and equipment is quite expensive since you will only need them temporarily.

The best way to taking care of the facility and equipment needs for your event is through rental. Compared to buying new event facility and equipment, renting them is always more cost effective, helping you save some money for your event. Besides, hiring event facility and equipment ensures you always get the right ones for your specific function.

There is always a lot of convenience that comes with obtaining event facility and equipment rental. Whenever you rent the facility and equipment, the providers will supply and install them on your space the way you want them. Besides, they will also help with bringing them down after the event, hence, giving you an easier time.

When looking for the best event facility and equipment rental services in Singapore, Event Rental Singapore is the ideal partner to engage. Our company prides itself in offering the best quality, reliable and affordable event facility and equipment rental services for all kinds of functions across Singapore.

At Event Rental Singapore, we understand event facility and equipment requirements vary based on the venue, number of expected guests, activities to be conducted and type of function. As a result of this, we specialize in a wide range of event equipment rental services to suit diverse venues, number of guests, activities and types of functions.

Dedicated Event Facility and Equipment Supplier

Tentage and Marquee Rental

In case you are having plans of hosting a big event that will attract huge numbers of people, it is always advisable to consider hiring a large sized tent that can comfortably cater for all the attendees. Our tentage and marquee rental is the ultimate choice for offering comfortable temporary shelter to a large number of people.

With our tentage and marquee rental, you will not need several smaller tents that could easily take up so much space and only accommodate a few people. The tentage and marquee can be erected on open spaces or connected to buildings as extensions for additional shelter. Simply talk to us for the perfect tentage and marquee rental Singapore.

Table and Chair Rental

Whether you are hosting a social, commercial or corporate event, tables and chairs are always a basic requirement for the comfort of your guests. Regardless of the type of event or number of guests that you are expecting, our company can always provide the best table and chair rental to effectively cater for all.

We provide different kinds and sizes of tables and chairs that you can always choose from depending on the kind of appeal that you intend to portray and the expected guests. Whenever you obtain event tables and chairs from our company, we will handle the transportation and their arrangement in your venue for convenience.

Seating Gallery and Grand Stand Rental

A seating gallery and grand stand are ideal in transforming an open space into suitable grounds for concerts and performances, sporting events and live shows. We are the professionals that you should always engage when seeking seating gallery and grand stand rental services in Singapore.

Due to our experience in the supply of event facility and equipment, we understand the unique requirements for setting up seating gallery and grand stands for different kinds of functions. We provide the best seating gallery and grand stand rental services that cater for diverse seating capacities and dimensions.

Makeshift Stage and Backdrop

If you are planning an indoor or outdoor event where there will be performances, a makeshift stage and backdrop is always an important equipment and facility to consider. And, our company is the right supplier of makeshift stages and backdrops that you should engage to get the best ones for your function.

We provide makeshift stages and backdrops for different kinds of events held both indoors and outdoors. These come in diverse sizes and dimensions to suit small, medium and large sized events. Each of our makeshift stage and backdrop is enhanced with complimentary carpets and skirting.

Portable Power Generator Rental

Although most venues for hosting events have electricity for powering the equipment, blackouts can sometimes occur. Besides, there are also some venues that lack accessibility to electricity. The best way to avoid the inconvenience of power blackouts is through obtaining a portable power generator rental.

We offer different kinds of power generators that can effectively support the operation of all event equipment. With our portable power generator, you can be sure that you event will not be interrupted simply due to power blackouts. This will not only give you confidence in hosting the event but, also ensure greater convenience.

Electrical Accessories Rental

Apart from the power generator, there are several electrical accessories that you will also need for connecting microphones, speakers, lighting and other equipment. Instead of going through the hassles of buying electrical accessories for your event simply get electrical accessories rental from our company.

We offer a wide range of electrical accessories rental including, cable trays, power points, DB boxes among others. We provide the best quality electrical accessories that will help you maintain greater safety and efficiency throughout the entire event. Besides, we will also advise you on other safety measures to keep of electrical hazards during your function.

Mobile and Portable Toilets Rental

Our company also provides a wider selection of mobile and portable toilets rental for different kinds of events. The toilets are accorded durable construction and enhanced with unique features for ease of use and safety. Despite the size or duration of your event, we can deliver the best mobile portable toilets so your guests enjoy every moment of the function.

Air Conditioners Rental

Air conditioners play a critical role in portraying a cool and comfortable environment that your guests will truly enjoy throughout their stay at the event. We provide diverse kinds of air conditioners for all events including, water chilled and air chilled ACs. Our air conditioners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, where they will also create a unique interior decor to elevate the appeal of your event.

Fans and Air Coolers Rental

In Singapore, where the weather usually gets unbearable, it is always recommended that when planning an event indoor or outdoor, you should consider obtaining fans and air coolers. Unlike ceiling or standing industrial fans, our fans and air coolers are designed in diverse dimensions and equipped with unique features dimensions that work in different settings to keep the environment of your event cool and comfortable.

Why Choose Event Rental Singapore for Event Facility and Equipment Supply

Event Rental Singapore is the right event facility and equipment rental supplier that you should always talk to when planning a social, commercial or even religious function in Singapore. Our company is formulated and operates on the concepts of reliability and affordability, enabling you to acquire the best facility and equipment for your event whenever and whenever you need them with the budget that you have.

At Event Rental Singapore, we are a team of trained and experienced event organizers that you can always rely on to prepare and set up a remarkable event. Whenever you acquire event facility and equipment rental from us, you have a team of professionals by your side to help you with the planning of how the equipment and facility will be erected across the spaces, making your work much easier.

Our company will handle the transportation of all the facility and equipment that you need to the venue of the event. For convenience, we will also set up all the equipment and facility in your venue as desired. In case you rent equipment that might seem complex to operate like, power generators, we will also offer basic training or assign our personnel to take care of the procedures throughout your event.

Upon the completion of your event, we will also dismantle all the facility and equipment and, transport them back to our warehouses. All the event facility and equipment that we offer for rental are durably constructed and also equipped with unique features for enhanced comfort and safety. Even in terms of electrical accessories, we go for highly efficient products that will no doubt save you some money in terms of energy consumption.

Despite the quality event equipment rental services and professional workmanship that we offer, our company has the most competitive rates for every budget. We offer the best event equipment rental services Singapore at affordable rates that will no doubt suit your budget.

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To get the best deals on event equipment rental services Singapore, simply talk to us for a free quotation. We can prepare a quotation that specifically suits your needs and budget to make the function a success while also saving you money.