Tentage and Marquee Rental

In case you are planning to host an event outdoors, it goes without saying that you should consider obtaining tents. However, the number or size of tents must compliment the available space and number of expected guests. For larger events hosted in spacious environments that attract large numbers of people, you should opt for tentage or marquee rental.

At Event Rental Singapore, we are the best supplier of tentage and marquee rental that can deliver the best temporary shelters for your entire function. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate function or any commercial gathering, there are several benefits that tentage and marquee rental can offer.

Benefits of Tentage and Marquee Rental

To clearly understand why many people and businesses today consider obtaining tentage and marquee rental for their events, it is important that you look at their benefits. These include;

Saves you money

Tentage and marquee are available in numerous dimensions but, usually cater for huge numbers of people. As a result of this, you will not need to hire many smaller tents when planning an event for many guests. With the right tentage and marquee, you might not even need to hire a venue since some can easily be erected even in gardens and backyards.

By choosing our company to provide tentage and marquee rental, you do not have to spend any more money hiring someone to help with choosing the right ones or how to erect them. Besides the supply of tentage and marquee, we will also help you with planning how they should be set up to fully cater for all your guests.

Generally, buying tentage and marquee is could cost you more money than the cost of hiring and taking care of your guests combined. Whenever you rent tentage and marquee, you will only need to pay for the duration of time that you use them. This could save you quite a lot of money to use on other event activities.


Whenever you hire tentage and marquee, you no longer have to worry about obtaining additional equipment to shelter your guests regardless of the weather. Tentage and marquee are durably fabricated and, also safely set up to effectively withstand all weather and environmental conditions as well as movements therein.

Obtaining tentage and marquee rental also means you will never have to worry about where and how your guests will be sheltered. At Event Rental Singapore, we cater for the transportation of the equipment, setting them up and dismantling. Upon the dismantling of the tentage and marquee, we will also independently transport them back to our warehouse.

By handling the transportation, installation and dismantling of the tentage and marquee, you will be able to save quite a lot of time and, also have the peace of mind to focus on other important activities of the occasion. Since we have our own resources, we can always deliver the tentage and marquee rental on short notice whenever and wherever you need them. Tentage and marquee can cater for huge numbers of people both standing and seated, which makes them ideal for various kinds of events.


Tentage and marquee come in a wide range of dimensions that you can select from including, sizes and designs. This means, they can be used in a wide range of spaces and diverse functions without losing their value. Even if you are planning for an event in a place that seems to have space limitations, we can provide the right size to effectively shelter all your guests.

Our tentage and marquee rental are also crafted with unique designs that complement the themes of different kinds of functions. We provide tentage and marquee in traditional, contemporary and transitional designs that can effortlessly inspire a striking touch of style in every function.

Considering the unique styles of our tentage and marquee, you will not need to spend more on decorations, which also helps with bringing down the overall costs of the event. For instance, if you are planning a vintage wedding, our traditional tentage and marquee offers the classic vintage feel that can easily transform the setting without extravagant decorations.

With our tentage and marquee rental, you can even choose those with specific features, like partitions to cater for different activities. Tentage and marquee can be erected on open spaces both on the ground and even on top of buildings.


The durable construction and safe installation of tentage and marquee enables them to create a shaded space for gatherings in just any environment. With the right tentage and marquee, your guests are guaranteed the perfect protection from the hot sun, strong winds and rainfall, which could easily interrupt the event.

For added comfort, you can also include additional accessories like, decorative lighting, matching chairs and tables, air conditioners, fans and air coolers. Besides, we can also provide mobile toilets and makeshift stage and backdrop to give your event the desired appeal.

Choose the Best Tentage and Marquee Rental for your Event

Since tentage and marquee rental come in numerous dimensions, it is always important that you know how to choose the right ones when planning an event. In order to make the right choice of tentage and marquee rental, you should consider the available space at the venue, number of guests expected to attend and the theme of the event.

At Event Rental Singapore, we can help you choose the most suitable tentage and marquee rental for your event. Provided you share with us the venue of your event, number of expected guests, the theme that you intend to portray and other needs, we will choose the right tentage and marquee that also perfectly complements your budget.

We provide a wider selection of the best tentage and marquee rental for various kinds of functions including, social and commercial. Our company also has trained event planning personnel to guide you through the conception and implementation stages of your event. This will not only make your work less stressful but, also save you a lot of time.

Instead of going through all the hassles of choosing tentage and marquee rental Singapore, talk to us for a quote request.